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Prof. Dr. Dieter Prätzel-Wolters

Professor Prätzel-Wolters received his PhD in mathematics from the University of Bremen in 1982. In 1987 he obtained a full professorship at the university of Kaiserslautern. He was speaker of the DFG graduate school "Technomathematik" (1991-2000). Since July 2000 he is director of the Fraunhofer Institut für Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik (ITWM). His research interests are in mathematical control theory, in particular, in adaptive control, robust stability, algebraic system theory, neural networks, and in mathematical modeling and simulation. Memberships: Council of the "European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry" (ECMI), Executive Committee of the European MACSI-Network, Council of the Fraunhofer Chalmers Centre for Industrial Mathematics in Göteborg, Graduate School "Mathematik und Praxis" at the Technical University Kaiserslautern, Gamm Fachaussschuss "Dynamik und Regelungstheorie", Hauptkommission of the Fraunhofer Society.

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