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  • ADIB: Adaptive Information Support
    Based on an integrated task management system, ADIB aims to develop and test a tool which adaptively and pro-actively provides information and know-how for knowledge intensive tasks.

  • AMA / AcoLOD / ASYNS: Acoustics
    Asymptotical and multiscale methods in acoustics (AMA), Acoustic level-of-detail simulation (Acoustic LOD), Acoustic synthesis of directed signals (ASYNS)

  • KryFoVe: Computeralgebra
    Applications of advanced algebraic-symbolic methods of computer algebra to crypto analysis, to coding theory and to formal verification of microelectronic systems.

  • SupChain: Supply Chain Design
    Adaptive, distributed optimization algorithms for dependable, strategic supply chain design based on mathematical programming.

  • UniDen: Noise Removal
    A unified approach for noise removal methods in picture analysis by combining local smoothing and regularization.

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